3. AOCM Pictures/ Dates/ Facts (English Version)

Friday – Introduction and first impressions

Minfeld, 23rd April 2010, blue sky, around 20°C.
Nice weather…just perfect to meet up with 150 geeks to spend a week-end inside the "Mundohall" and celebrate the 3rd AOCM.



Friday is traditionally a crew-day for preparations – placing the sponsor banners, tables, goodies and stage. Also some of the international guests already arrived.



All international participants were: massman, Neo_force, Leghoofd and M.Beier.
Last but not least we also had Team Switzerland with Besi and splman. Thanks all for joining!
The bench-bus from Chriffer and Zero_Cool was again there another time as well as klEb with his RAM darts.


All in all many small, lovely traditions around a very special event which took place for the third time after a break in 2009.
Last time the biggest attractions were a direct LN2 injection by monteboy and a beautiful casemod by Besi. This time there was an 800kg 5-stage monster cascade from the guys from extremecooling.de. It took 10 people and more to load and unload that beast! A wheel gave up due to the massive load and had to be replaced. Around 1.000 hours of work over 1,5 years it took unrockstar to build that beauty.



Simply great to see all the innovations on AOCM every year that impress the visitors.