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    Standard {OPB 2008 I7 system info}let's look at some SSD raid 0 numbers

    now, I would like to do some difference from what I have been doing
    here I would like to introduce one of my new company 's product,
    the SSD 64gb solution, and today I would like show the raid 0 performance by cope with Jmicron 393 hardware raid card.
    The benefit of doing that is because you can reduce the conflict with the SSD directly hook up on the ICH10r(as I know, lots of people have this problem and could not do it very smoothly.
    So by doing that, we connect two drives into raid card, (notice that raid card doesn't have to insert on the pcie interface for sure)
    and card will have a host to motherboard 's ich10r sata port,
    so before that the raid 0 has been created by the raid card itself.

    Let's see the ssd and raid card
    "Avantium 64gb SSD with USB.20 interface"

    Jmicron 393 Raid card manual :

    Test bed:

    MB: Asus Rampage II extreme bios 0701
    CPU: Intel I7-965ex
    vga: asus top 4870x2
    HD: Avantaium SDSD 64gb with JMicron 393 HW raid card
    Memory: Avantium Leopard series ddr3 2000

    Booting and get in bios, all set raid0 128gb

    install windows also without any problem at all

    then we look at some number from all bench:

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    Great stuff, bro !
    Please try some pcmark05 with those ssd's.


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    uii....although i don´t understand all the test reslults i thinks this system is fast as hell with the SSD an an i7
    i´m very interestet in seeing some benchs with pcmark or something like this.


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