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    Standard AMD Phenom II 940 - the big overclocking round-up !

    Hi folks!

    finally it is NDA-fall day and we can publish the scores of the new star of AMD - the Phenom II 940 for Socket AM2+. There has been a lot of bs from 5 gig LN2 to coldbug at -70°C, 17.7s 1m 4 gig on AIR - we will proof them all wrong in this extreme overclocking test.
    We will use common benchmarks like SuperPi, Hexus Pifast, wprime v1.55 and some 3D Marks. Thanks to Jens (known as "MusicIsMyLife") for his help with many tests and the team Benchbrothers from Cottbus for our first LN2 session in Germany By the way there was a little private "Foxconn-Battle" between us. Jens was armed with a Foxconn Destroyer and I choose the Foxconn A79A-S Both got chips from AMD - thanks a lot!

    test hardware:

    Foxconn Destroyer nForce 780a
    Foxconn A79A-S AMD 790FX
    2x Ati Radeon HD4870
    Thanks Foxconn for these parts!

    AMD Phenom II 940
    Gigabyte 790GP-DS4H
    Nvidia 280 GTX
    OCZ Elitestream 1000W PSU
    OCZ Reaper RPX10004GK 4 GB
    Samsung 160 GB HDD


    Air: Scythe Infinity + 120mm fan @12V
    DICE: Otterauge full copper SE
    LN2: Otterauge full copper SE, Otterauge Alu-Pot

    Part I: Air cooling default speed

    I skipped these but MusicIsMyLife tested it all on Foxconn Destroyer.

    3.000 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 22.891s - Foxconn Destroyer

    3.000 MHZ - SuperPi 32m - 24min 2s - Foxconn Destroyer

    3.000 MHZ - Hexus Pifast - 36.39s - Foxconn Destroyer

    3.000 MHZ - Wprime32m - 13.124s | Wprime1024m 415.219s - Foxconn Destroyer

    3.000 MHZ - 3D Mark 2003 - 52803 points - GeForce 280 GTX - Foxconn Destroyer

    3.000 MHZ - 3D Mark 2005 - 20410 points - GeForce 280 GTX - Foxconn Destroyer

    3.000 MHZ - 3D Mark 2006 - 15990 points - GeForce 280 GTX - Foxconn Destroyer

    Part II: Aircooling overclocking

    I directly went for some overclocked results. At the very beginning we did a direct comparison between Destroyer and A79A-S. Thanks to the higher NB and HTT the Destroyer wins but I am still tweaking my A79A-S and finally reached 260 HTT but haven't tested under air for a long time now

    3995 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 17.297s - Foxconn A79A-S

    3993 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 17.140s - Foxconn Destroyer

    Clocks for our fastest 1m were close together. If you reach a certain wall you will not be able to beat it with more volts. Only cold helps to get higher then. A bit strange when you see how far the chip on the Destroyer went for wprime32m and 06. We did not fully tweaked both boards yet so there might be some slight differences possible when you spend more time with it.

    4050 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 17.141s - 225 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    4050 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 16.890s - 300 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    4050 MHZ - Wprime32m - 9.656s - 300 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    In 32m both boards are close together again. More NB clock and the Destroyer would have the same time. My CPU could not pass 32m with 4 gig on all cores.

    3937 MHZ - SuperPi 32m - 18min 40s - 225 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    4038 MHZ - SuperPi 32m - 18min 55s - 237 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    In wprime1024m the Destroyer shows that memory speed and HTT can give you a bit more performance. With more HTT the A79A-S would surely be at the same speed.

    3792 MHZ - Wprime1024m - 331.437s - 205 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    3800 MHZ - Wprime1024m - 326.781s - 237 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    Unfair play in 3D Mark 2006 : 2x 4870er on the A79A-S against one 280 GTX on the Destroyer Jens' CPU did well over 150 MHZ more through '06
    what shows that you don't need ACC anymore for best overclocking results.

    3780 MHZ - 3D Mark 2006 - 20421 points - 2x HD4870 - 210 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    3960 MHZ - 3D Mark 2006 - 19319 points - 1x GeForce 280 GTX - 294 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    Some more benches "unsorted"...

    3840 MHZ - 3D Mark 2005 - 24915 points - 1x GeForce 280 GTX - 240 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    3840 MHZ - 3D Mark 2003 - 57259 points - 1x GeForce 280 GTX - 240 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    3800 MHZ - 3D Mark 2003 - 77124 points - 2x Radeon HD4870 - 200 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    3891 MHZ - Cinebench r10 - 12561 points - 251 HTT - Foxconn Destroyer

    Part III: DICE overclocking

    MusicIsMyLife skipped the DICE cooling so no comparisons here. Everything done with Foxconn A79A-S and 2x Radeon HD4870. Unfortunatly 5 GIG benching was a no go with DICE. Hope that the retails will make it in some time. Scaling with cold and clock is really nice and helps AMD to get to new high scores.

    4725 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 15.015s - 210 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    With more HTT and NB clock I could get some better performance out of the A79A-S but run out of DICE during thoose tests
    4550 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 15.359s - 260 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    4725 MHZ - SuperPi 32m - 16min 46s - Foxconn A79A-S

    4582 MHZ - Wprime32m - 8.081s - 235 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    4400 MHZ - Wprime1024m - 289.078s - 220 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    Not the strength of quad cores and not AMD at all but let's run one 3D Mark 2001 for historical reasons
    4730 MHZ - 3D Mark 2001 - 70046 points - 2x HD4870 - 210 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    3D Mark 2003 looks a bit better - waiting for some CFX results which we couldn't run due to driver problems yet.
    4620 MHZ - 3D Mark 2003 - 81630 points - 2x HD4870 - 220 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    4620 MHZ - 3D Mark 2005 - 28363 points - 2x HD4870 - 220 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    4515 MHZ - 3D Mark 2006 - 23102 points - 2x HD4870 - 210 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    CPU scales quite linear - 100 MHZ more CPU clock gained almost 100 points CPU Score in 3D Mark 2006
    4620 MHZ - 3D Mark 2006 - CPU Score 6414 - 2x HD4870 - 210 HTT - Foxconn A79A-S

    Part IV: LN2 overclocking

    We met in Cottbus for the first Deneb overclocking session in Germany. Benchbrothers hosted the event in a local computer store. I started quickly with just little LN2 as they only had 25L and I didn't want to take it all away

    5610 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 12.796s - Foxconn A79A-S

    5390 MHZ - Wprime32m - 7.005s - Foxconn A79A-S

    The Foxconn Battle ended here as the Destroyer with no AMD Overdrive support due to the chipset made it too difficult to clock with so little LN2. The benchbrothers then switched to the Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H with 790GX Chipsatz and made some impressive numbers for an AMD system. They anyway had problems with the Overdrive tool on the Gigabyte as it frooze the system after using it once. So there is still room for improvements.

    5830 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 12.234s - Gigabyte 790GP-DS4H

    5830 MHZ - Hexus Pifast - 21.73s - Gigabyte 790GP-DS4H

    5100 MHZ - 3D Mark 2006 - 21970 points - GeForce 280 GTX - Gigabyte 790GP-DS4H

    5022 MHZ - CineBench R10 - 16148 points - 200 HTT - Gigabyte 790GP-DS4H be continued

    Part V: LN2 Overclocking Impressions

    It was a very nice afternoon with the guys and we had great fun. I was sad that the 3x HD4870 CFX wouldn't work good even hoschi borrowed me a really good card (default bios up to 850/1200 in CCC!). But we are already trying to figure it out

    Fazit: You'll get a fun and fast chip with the Phenom II which makes it easy to update an existing AM2+ system. I will do so as well with my all day system. I like the fake this chip stays really could. For benching it is good for wprime and will take "Quad-WR" very soon I think. 06 is also very nice and I personally like to bench 03 with full AMD setup (when CFX is working...).
    This chip has enough power for ALL games and most of the work things that you can do with a computer. I personally don't see a need for i7 as I can perfectly live with the cheaper Phenom II - my new processer favourite beside the E8600

    Thanks: goes to Sascha "Saaya" Krohn from Foxconn for supplying us some great hardware and lots of information, AMD and OCZ for their support with hardware. Hopefully this relationship will continue for a long time
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    Hessen -> Haiger - L.A.


    Nice results . AMD is back .

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    nice thread for our internation users

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    Nice results, finally AMD it is able to overclock much better than before, wunderfull
    Intel Core i7 870 - Gigabyte GA P55 UD3 - 4GB Corsair DDR3-1600 CL8 - ATI HD5770 1024MB - Scythe Kamariki 550W

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    Thanks all!
    I am currently pre-testing for tomorrow's LN2 session. The A79A-S has a new highscore for 1m air and finally reached DDR2 1200! Also the 1066er divider finally works with one of my kits :woot: :

    4050 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 17.094s - 225 HTT- DDR2 1200 - 5-5-5-20-24 - Foxconn A79A-S

    With RAM timings 5-7-7-28-31 like it comes out of the bios it is 17.125s. RAM timings are not doing very much in Pi but see what the NB clock does when you have it too low!!!

    4050 MHZ - SuperPi 1m - 17.438s - 225 HTT- DDR2 1200 - 5-5-5-20-28 - Foxconn A79A-S



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