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    Standard LN2 + DICE Session in Berlin / Germany at SoF's hood

    Hey folks,

    well normally I wanted to show 6 gig AMD in Germany at this point but somehow things turned out a little different My pretested Deneb Systen 5.6 gig 1m @ 1.89V wouldn't run even close to it this time. Well but let's start positive into this session with a big :toast:

    First we had to test CFX - running only 1/2 runs correctly somehow under air (Freakezoit from AF inspecting it -.- )

    While Freakezoit was away Matti OC cared about the 790i...

    ...what caused some fun (he of course let the system alive )

    Intel vs. AMD - this pic says everything :ROTF:

    Whatever I thought :rofl:

    Cheer's to rene's Q9550 on EP45T-Extreme - 2 hours fun and some medals on hwbot

    That's all we can say about 790i on DICE this evening :

    All the night benching with 3 systems in my hood. I had to warm up my AMD rig for like 4 times as it gave up totally beyond -120°C a couple of times. wasn't as fun as last time with the same components

    next morning we started with 4870X2 + 4870

    3D Mark 2003 - 113k - AIR - Intel E8600 - Rampage Extreme (waiting for full screen from rene)

    After sleeping I began testing the A79A-S for the last time. Maybe all the LN2 and hours of extreme benching and 1.8V was too much for it at last...

    Last scores of A79A-S with LN2 - R.I.P.

    4840 MHZ - SuperPi 32m - 16min 5s - 220 HTT- 2420 NB - DDR2 880 - 4-4-4-18-24 - Foxconn A79A-S

    4840 MHZ - Wprime1024m - 241.504s - 220 HTT- 2420 NB Takt - DDR2 880 - 4-4-4-18-24 - Foxconn A79A-S (damn I made this CPUz mistake again )

    4500 MHZ - 3D Mark 2003 - 102666 - 250 HTT- 2500 NB Takt - DDR2 1000 - 5-4-4-12-20 - Foxconn A79A-S

    Some hw pictures of rene and myself before somebody accuses us of hw sharing : 2x E8600, some 4870, 4870 X2, boards etc...missing here the rampage dying sometime later and the amd sys with 4870.

    The "Blow-Out" of the day with mainly "Auto" voltages", 1.52 PLL and 1.44Vfsb... Luckily it is just the board after I tested everything else on EP45T Extreme. Another dead rampage for no reason again...

    We had better days in our oc-history so I had to give my aggressions to some "defenceless objects" :

    All in all we still had fun and maybe rene can give the X2 / 4870 combo another go on his P45 DS3 he left at home with the LN2 left

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    Yeah SoF we had so much fun @ that Session
    To bad that the Foxconn mobo & the RE are dead
    Maybe nextime we have more luck
    I hope we can do this again (fun session) , but then i start with my RE not with a 790i that board is a *****
    And then i hope that Matti is Fit for Benching

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    Seems that you guys had a lot fun @ SoF's "Crib".

    But damn those Rampage Extreme Boards seems to die in row. Cause?

    Greetings tAk
    Game: Core 7i 980x @ ?GHz | EVGA X58 Classified E762 | 6GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000C8 | 4 GTX 480 | Intel G2 80MB SSD & 2 500GB Samsung F1 + 1TB Samsung F1 | Win7 Professional | Dell U3011 | TT1500W


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