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    Standard Prime95: fraud sensitive

    Prime95: fraud sensitive

    The populair and well known stability testing program for CPU’s, Prime 95, seems to be fraud sensitive, noticed one of our overclocking members.

    He was stressing his quadcore for 3 minutes and while running prime95, he changed his computer time to ‘summer time’ (DST) and to his big surprise, his quadcore was stable for 1 hour and 3 minutes.

    The reason why this is an important discovery: when somebody want to sell his or her CPU, this person can set a lower voltage (which is instable) and stress his CPU for 3 minutes and add a desired amount of time to his stability test, so his instable overclock becomes suddenly ‘stable’. After all, you want a CPU which uses the least amount of power for the maximum amount of performance. Somebody selling a CPU with very good (fake) overclock results, will be sold sooner than less overclockable CPU’s.

    Our advice: when you are planning on buying a second hand CPU which is sold with a PRIME95 stability screenshot, ask the seller if he would like to run the stability testing program ORTHOS, or whether he would like to give you the log of the Prime95 overclock.

    Even negative results are possible:

    This bug is not hardware related and can be abused on any system.
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    Zum Wohl die Pfalz!


    I'm aware of this...

    But you see it from the test, if it's still few minutes running...

    But please resize your pics in accordance to our rules...
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    yeah you can see it on the other tests inclusice the logfile and you will see this in the taskmanager, too.

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    It is known that you can manipulate the "prime time".
    But you can appreciate the time prime is running by the test which is shown. But you need a little bit of experience to recognize it...


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