still thinking of saaya visiting me some days ago and so it comes I am sitting here and testing some RAM. We were talking about it and he sounded quite surprised I am having that nice Mushkin RAM here. Not much talking as I am not that RAM guy. Also I have no clue how good it is, I give not that much voltage on my Hyper - best runs with ~1.69-1.7V real, it seems to be just voltage limited. For my extrem OC purposes this is what I need on Gulftown so I won't push voltage any higher Red Kit needs 0.02 - 0.03 less I have the feeling, apart from that they are very equal.

CPU: i7-980X ES Q3QP on air (Grand Karma Cross)
Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme (QPI voltage below 1.35 real)
HDD: Mushkin iO Series 64 GB



32m @ 1111 MHZ 8-8-8-24-72 1T 1.67-1.68V


32m @ 1120 MHZ 9-9-9-24-72 1T 1.69-1.7V


1m @ 1125 MHZ 9-9-9-24-72 1T 1.69-1.7V