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    Standard First look on ASUS RoG Connect / RC TweakIt

    Hi there,

    I know some of us are waiting for Asus Rampage III Extreme and want to start overclocking the hell out of it together with the new Rog Connect feature. As I am also owner of Rampage II Extreme and Maximus III Extreme I wanted to know what advantage I can expect because of the new remote overclocking feature the RIIIE brings (beside some better pwm for Gulftown, more PCI-E etc...honestly this wouldn't be reason enough for me to buy it ). So I prepared everything - installation and setting-up RC Tweak It Software is something a monkey could do in a minute. Install the software on your remote system, connect the cable which you find inside the box to the vertical USB port on your mainboard, push the "Connect"-Button next to it, wait for drivers to be installed and open the software - easy as toast! Vista with all updates was used btw.


    I appologize for not having a clear screenshot but only a photo of the program running while overclocking my i5-670 ES with LN2 - I just was so busy playing with the voltages, keeping temps around -160°C, I totally missed to press the print button. But let me explain how it helped me reaching sub 6.500s SuperPi 1m and nearly 6.7 GHZ on my CPU.

    First let's have a look on the GUI with all additional programs (except BIOS Flashback, will explain later) open.


    upper right:
    main application where you can set voltages, bclk & pci-e clock, watch temperatur and voltages (simple mode) and start the other tools
    things that can be changed on the fly:
    BCLK clock, PCI-E clock, Vcore, IMC Voltage, RAM Voltage, Vpll, IOH Voltage and PCI-E voltage
    all voltages have been tried at least once and I confirmed them working

    lower right:
    remote poster which shows you what's happening during boot (or fail )

    Remote Control - power on / off remotly or clear the Bios with a click - sometimes quite usefull

    RC diagram - this is a tracking tool that shows you the curves of different voltages over the past 1 or 2 minutes
    It saved me the day as you can see on the screen how a usual shutdown looks like - the voltages are slowly going down. But after waiting because of CBB the board froze and looked like that:

    When I finally reached booting temp that ice melted and one strange reboot occured. I could see in the diagram that voltages where instantly and completely lost. So this is the point where we do all know now when it is time to stop benching and put your board here:


    After 1 hour I was ready to go again. I usually bootet at easy 1.75V with 1.42V vtt (helpes quite a lot with CBB) and then raised voltages during boot manager the first time, then went into windows and cranked it up to the nuts. CPU did take no damage at all and I think it really saves it some hours of life when just beeing feeded with high voltage right before starting the bench and having the pot almost full. So RC TweakIt is really helpfull if you want to be as carefull as possible during extreme-overclocking.

    Another important note: As the software is actually running on a remote computer and controls the hardware directly you are not loosing any performance due to additional software on your bench system. All of the die-hard Pi benchers know that almost no tweaking tool will run under an extremely n-lited windows or if they run they will just fail just before 1m would pass 10 MHZ more. That where just the 10 MHZ I needed for that 6.500s which seemed like an unbeatable wall during Cebit where I had much much more LN2 but no RoG Connect (MIIIF at that time)


    Also setting more than 2V still worked without any issues - I would never tried to boot that, but setting it with almost full pot, I felt OK doing so


    the good:
    - changes almost any setting remotely without any tools on the bench-system
    - much faster compared to any other tools (as the control is always open on the remote PC)
    - very reliable even under extreme conditions (compared to e.g. setfsb)
    - best remote control solution for extreme-overclockers until now

    the bad:

    - RC Diagram is limited to 3 voltages at a time
    - no scripting yet, having different scripts for CPU voltage and BCLK in time frames matching the 3D Marks e.g. would be a killer feature! (idea by saaya)
    - RoG connects disables itself after CMOS clear and you need to push the button on the board, some applications sometimes fail then

    the ugly:

    - some apps sometimes crash when you overclock it too much, I had the whole RC TweakIt hanging completely once when I failed 6580 1m...but that's the point where I like the fact that there are single applications - most of the time only the RoG poster or RC diagram fails and you can quickly restart them out of the (still running) main application

    the personal:

    - Great job so far ASUS! RoG Connect seems to be really usefull for squeezing the last out of it. Now I hope they do not leave it there and keep improving the feature to optimize it for xtreme benching purposes. Beeing able to script several thing is a must go for now

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