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    Standard [Review] Inno3D GTS450 I-Chill

    Hello Guys,

    Sorry for my English, but Hope you will understand me :-)

    Today i would show you a new Inno3D card, called GTS450 I-Chill.

    This card mounts a Fermi GF106 Chipset, the new nVidia Mainstream core.

    In first thanks to Inno3D because let me the possibility to test the VGA.

    If you want read all the review you can check the follow link:

    Now we can begin this review with the card specification

    VGA Core works at 820 MHz and CudaCores at 1640MHz. Memory clock is 950 MHz. Memory Bandwith, due to connection interface at 128 bit, is 60,8 GB/s.
    GTS450 I-Chill supports nVidia SLi Technology untill a maximum of two cards, but it also supports nVidia Physx, 3DVision Surround, GeForce Cuda and Pure Video HD.
    As all the Fermi Card, also the new one works with DX11.

    Below you can find some pictures of the VGA:

    For the test i used the this platform:

    I made different test for try to understand how work this card.

    I want to clarify that is a MainStream VGA, so each time benchmark was been launched with mainstream graphics setting.

    In the first part of test i used VGA at stock frequency (820 MHz/ 1640 MHz / 950 MHz), but CPU, Uncore and memory was been overclocked for avoid bottle neck. CPU Worked at 4000 MHz, memory at 1600 MHz 8 8 8 24 1T and Uncore at 3200 MHz.

    Than i try to see how a 24/7 VGA Overclock could offer me better performance, and this time core clock worked at 920 MHz, Cuda Core at 1840 MHz and memory at 1100 MHz.

    In the third part of test i try to push to the limit the card, for find the Overclock limit.

    And last part of test was conducted for check the Heat Sink Performance.

    In the below graphics you can see the card performance at stock frequency (820 MHz / 1640 MHz / 950 MHz).

    Now you can see how a daily Overclock can bring benefits to the performance. Card worked at 920MHz / 1840 MHz / 1100 MHz.

    Go to see what are GTS450 I-Chill Overclock limits.

    With 1.05V (Default Voltage) card can work without problem with a core overclocked at 960 MHz, and with memory at 1200 MHz.

    But if I go to set voltage at 1,162V, core VGA reaches a cool frequency, 1025 MHz.

    Temperatures are very impressive with this card, because with Fans Heat Sink at 30%, maximum temperature legged is 47°C.

    If i set the Fans at 50% of their maximum regime, core temperature reach 45°C.

    With Fans at 100% we got 45°C.[

    In the following video you can hear the noise from the Heat Sink Fan.
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    Zum Wohl die Pfalz!


    Please reduce pics to max 900 width...

    BTW: nice overview...
    Zitat Zitat von Stuart Pigotts Weinreisen: PFALZ
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    oversized images tags removed - but yeah nice overview

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    Sorry for the long time, but i couldn t reply before..... i was very very busy.

    and sorry also for the pics, I am reading only now that dimension was a problem


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