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    Standard ASUS & AwardFabrik Overclocking Event 30.10.2010

    Hey Folks!

    I am posting it here as I have no results to show myself, but AwardFabrik had a blast together with ASUS during 30.10.2010.
    We invited the best members of our hwbot team to hunt for some more points. LN2 and hardware was partly provided by ASUS.
    I would love to tell you the real big interesting news during that event but it's all under NDA.

    Michael or better known as "no_name" (yeah he is still there!) preparing NDA-things


    We all met in Frankfurt am Main - some other hw-site owners, reporters and writers joined the event for watching new platforms.
    massman and leeghoofd came for gaming and showing they can build together and turn on a quad sli rig.
    they also showed us they have an expander and 4 cards plastic coated - their tweak keeping the cards in plus-degrees while having a pot mounted let them easily bench without condensation issues.
    They also brought a playable demo of futurmarks 3D Mark 1985 - they could run it with 666 FPS with single GPU.

    After arriving first step was to carry in things and get the systems ready. Then there was a press-part with *peeeeeep* and current *peeeeeeep* as well as *peeeeeeep*.
    Oh an der was a question-round with guys from technical departement in Taiwan and Germany . ASUS brought following things for the Extreme-Overclockers of AwardFabrik:

    6x Intel Core i7 980X
    15x ASUS GTX480
    6x ASUS GTX470
    6x ASUS GTX460
    10x ASUS Rampage III Extreme

    HUGE THANKS to ASUS for this great community support and the good relationship past the last 4 years!
    LN2 was brought by our old friend Johann Broser who also delivers the liquid gold for our big AOCM sessions with over 2000L LN2.

    So the guys started benching and found some really nice chips - the new GT steppings really seem to be great (all CPUs were brand new).
    Beside the Overclocking we had a great catering with cake, fruits, drinks (alcohol-free!) and Weißwurst
    After the benching part which finished around midnight we had some beers and nice chats in the hotel bar. It was a really nice time and the next event is already under construction

    best regards
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