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Today i would show you an Entry Level Card from Inno3D, the GT430.

This card mounts a Fermi GF108 Chipset, the nVidia Entry Level Chip.

In first thanks to Inno3D because let me the possibility to test the VGA.

If you want read all the review you can check the following link:


In the following tab you can see the Card Specification


Inno3D GT430 mounts a GF108 core with a gpu clock at 700 MHz, and Cuda Cores at 1400 MHz. Memory, due to a 128 bit interface and a 900 MHz frequency, has a Bandiwith of 28,8 GB/s.
Inno3D gt430 is compatible with nVidia 3D Surround, nVidia Physx, and nVidia Cuda, while doesn t support the SLi Technology.
As all the new VGAs, also this one support DX11.

Now we can go to see the card... (Click on the pics for enlarge it) :-)







For test the card i used this configuration:


Cpu Was setted at 4000 MHz, with memory at 1600 MHz and Uncore at 3200 MHz.
I overclocked the configuration, as every time, for avoid any bottleneck.

For the test I didn t use the maximum graphics setting, because this card has a different target..

Now we can begin with the test:









As we can see with the previous chart, GT430 has quite good performance, because, with a Mainstream and Entry Level graphics setting, Card is able to run every game and benchmark with a pretty good Average Frame Rate, espacially if you think GT430 has a different target, because is not designed for gamer.

Heat Sink Performance are showed below:



Below you can find find a youtube video about Heat Sink.


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