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    Standard Intel Core-i7 SandyBridge 2600K Overclocking air + cc -40°C

    Hi all,

    just thought I share my OC experience and things I found out on my new 2600K with you guys so that you can see what SandyB1tch is capable of doing even without DICE or LN2.

    SuperPi 1m @5500 MHZ aircooled


    SuperPi 1m @5588 MHZ singlestage
    (my absolut max is ~5590-5595 but that is sometimes really hard to pass)


    SuperPi 32m 6min 4s


    Pifast @5588 MHZ 13.23s


    Wprime32m @5589MHZ


    Also in 3D that chip can do nice things - specially the good old 3D Mark 2001 shines again :rockout: :respect:

    01 110k


    03 125k


    05 49380


    system single stage cooled:


    Now some things you should keep in mind when benching SandyBridge:

    - max Vcore under Air/Water single threaded benchmarks: 1.6V (short term, risky!)
    - max Vcore under Air with 4C/8T 1.4V - 1.45V I would say (everything else will get your chip past 70°C often)
    - max Vcore under Water with 4C/8T 1.5V I would say (everything else will get your chip past 70°C often)
    - Vdimm 1.65V is fine, also 1.7V didn't fried the chip under Air yet
    - if you have problems running higher RAM speed or better timings try adjusting VCCSA between 1V and 1.1V - that helped me quite remarkable getting 1866 and 2133 running
    - another hint for RAM - try using high timings when having issues with high memspeed, specially TRCD and TREF that helped me specially when going cold
    - lower your Vpll! 1.725V seems to run better compared to the default 1.8V when overclocking past 5
    - make sure to have a board+bios with "internall PLL overvoltage" option - without it you will be surely limited to 47-5000 MHZ

    At last some things about how to find the real "golden eggs":

    Core i7 2600K 5 pieces

    all batch: L040B165

    Testing without internal PLL overvoltage:
    1x 4700
    1x ~4888
    3x 5000

    One of them wanted to boot 51x100 but couldn't fully manage it

    out of thoose 3x5000 with pll overvoltage

    1x 5537 MHZ 32m
    1x 5555 MHZ 32m
    1x 5588 MHZ 32m

    Then we have a newer batch now coming which already did multiple 56x100 with pll overvoltage on water and air CPUz

    Batch: L040B307

    56x100 1.572V

    --> good chips boot 5 GHZ 1.4V or less Vcore without PLL overvoltage option enabled and will go past 5.5 GHZ on air for CPUz validation with PLL overvoltage and below 1.6V Vcore

    That's it for the moment

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    nice session with great scores and interesting infos about SB overclocking


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