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    Daumen hoch My Builds, 3 creative solutions

    Sorry for posting a bit late on AF
    I will split this into 3 posts.

    My German is rusty, but I am sure we speak same language if I say
    "Bilden ist alles" (or is that bilden sind alle?)

    3 builds.

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    Standard Tight yet powerful

    Backup... The small and cold one. (one made before the article)


    Not having a computer inside a chassie for years, I decided to put my creativity to the test, by constructing a casemod, with a decent cooling solution – or rather, a decent cooling solution inside a nice looking chassie.
    However, being a student, I had limited tools for my project, and finances does indeed not allow purchase the proper tools.

    For the project; I decided to use an old case, the Lian Li PC65, a classic chassie back when AMD64 was the new deal – I believe the launch of the chassie was around time when first Pentium 4 from Intel hit the market.

    Cooling solution

    Being a fan of complete control, I wanted to make two separate loops, one for handling the heatload from the central processor, and another for handling the load from the graphics processors.
    Due the structure of the chassie the most obvious was making it 2x120mm, however, this would sack the possibility of building the config low noise, and therefore not an option. Next obvious thought would be using an external radiator, not a bad idea, would solve all problems – however, this being too easy, so decided not going for that solution either… However, dear reader, if you think about making a watercooled config, I would indeed suggest you mounting a MoRa3 on the backside of your chassie, instead of making the watercooling inside, this will boost performance, lower noise, and give you a lot less stress when changing config…
    My final solution…. 240mm & 360mm radiator.

    The case from stock;

    credits to Newegg for picture…

    Hardware list

    Intel i5-750
    Corsair Dominator GTX3, DDR3-2400, 2x2GB
    Corsair TX950W (None Modular)
    Corsair NOVA 128GB
    ASUS Maximus III Extreme
    Gigabyte HD5870 SuperOverclocked (QTY; 2)

    Cooling devices

    HeatKiller rev3.0 LC
    2x EK VGA Supreme
    Alphacool 360 pro radiator (slim)
    Clearflex tubing
    Swiftech coiled neoprene
    Feser 13/10 push-on fittings.
    Laing DDC-1T 10W (QTY; 2)
    XSPC ResTop (QTY; 2)
    Feser One UV Blue
    Feser One Acid Green


    2.5” mechanical drive // Harddisk on backside of 5.25” slots

    The build itself

    Fir off; I decided to rip out the 3.5” bay in the lower part of the chassie, this allowing a 360mm heater to be located at the lower part of the build, sucking in ambient temperature (therefore the lowest reachable temperature) from underneath the chassie.
    As a second step, I decided… Why not removing the 3.5” slots for floppy too? I will not use floppy when USB is well integrated these days.
    However, removing completely would disallow the 3.5” front bezel to be mounted, therefore I saw most of it off, which will be shown later.
    This would in addition improve the airflow massively

    Next step, of which the picture documentation starts, was the borring part, making a bunch of holes, drilling, in the lower part of the 5.25” – the purpose of doing so, is allowing air passage to top fans.

    Done job, after a lot of sweat and blood… (no shit)
    Oh well, appears not, noticed something missing? You got it right! Hole for tubing passage, doh… So back on the job.

    Therefore the hole was made and a 92mm attached

    Tighting in the 92mm and mounting 2 pump/res.

    Below I choose to bend 2x 800mm fans, making them suck air from below, but also from a wider area then just 160mm, furthermore, allowing them to be mounted in 133mm

    With all this work on optimizing the airflow for the CPU cooler, it would be insane, not to optimize cables a bit, therefore, I cut a hole on the side as well, for allowing power cables on pumps, fancontroller and the fan to be handled outside the air-passage-zone.

    After the huge effort with the poor tools, I decided to fix the cables, and still not go modular, so one more hole, this just behind PSU.

    Cables through, tight space, tighter then a virgin….

    And even tighter between psu and heater…. The pope in Rome, has a fully open rectum next to this!

    Final thoughts

    DDC-1T is loud, therefore, being ran at 9-10V, helps the nouse level, I am running 1000RPM on pretty much all the fans, keeping the noise level down, bare in mind, it is thin aluminium, with a bunch of holes, so the sound level is close to open air.

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    Standard Water Bench Table

    I have build my little watercooling bench table...
    I know alot of you wont like the MoRa usage, however, I truely think it will beat any other solution, otherwise I would not have used it.... (and from the tests I have seen from watercooling sites around the globe, it is NOT a bad product...)

    a little intro...

    Ram has a seperate loop, this as a result of Corsair T30 is made from aluminium, and has a TEC, I want this solution - I am determined...
    450L/H bay pump, crappy passive Cape resovair, and then the T30... dispite Cape radiators is the worst possible, I think it is PLENTY for just a ram cooler
    *And it comes in Corsair Dominator GT red

    GPU's has one loop.... 800L/H EK DCP 4.0 w. res, PLENTY of flow (I was nervous, but after seeing how fast it was filled, I had no worries )
    4x EK VGA Supreme HF Plexi/Nickel
    *9x Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000 RPM 133CFM fans for cooling this...

    CPU has one loop for it self...
    MoRa Core.... With 220mm 700rpm fan, this will be changed for 4x SS penetrator soon, not exactly high priority.
    EK Supreme Full Nickel block, it is a MONSTER.

    All the pictures;

    (I find them extremely beautiful.... The none HF edition I already use in my 2 personal PC's, and the performance is EXCELLENT)


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    Standard Silent Storm


    My previous Silent-Storm, has now become different, hehe.... Was a miniture build, tight as a virgin... (the one I have in #2)

    Corsair dumped in a nice Corsair Graphite 600T
    This tower has a world of choices for internal watercooling, too much, I couldnt make up my mind... Top can beyond doubt be modded for 360mm radiator, however, my tools suck.... a 200x200mm for front fan is possible as well..

    The XS member Miahallan showed off how cool it can be done here;

    However, I decided... It is a HUGE chassie, why not just go with it?
    Make it ultra effecient for low-noise operation...
    I attached a 9x120mm rad... Let me know what you guys think!



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