Last weekend there was the 2nd RoG Camp powered by ASUS & PCGH joined by some AwardFabrik-guys like stummerwinter, SoF, fuzz3l and @rne in Berlin. Xtreme, Water and Air-Cooling Overclockers came together and took a look at new hardware such as Ares II and overlocking-related topics.

This time "stummerwinter" and "SoF" guided through the extreme part of the event with some systems based on Intel's 3770K and Maximus V Extreme motherboards.
Stummerwinter explained how to prepare a board properly with practical hints and tips. Both - boris and Chris - took off the heatpipe and used art eraser all over the i/o, socket and VRM area to avoid any damage during the LN2-cooled runs.

Stummerwinter showed 6850+ in 1m with a new CPU binned during that event while SoF tried to push some 3x GPU scores with GTX 580 Matrix on his good old week 18 c055 chips running 6500+ MHZ 3D easy all the day.

All in all it was a nice day with some really good chats - thanks ASUS & PCGH!

report @AwardFabrik
report @PCGHX